Since 2008 ITALMAC technicians, with a long experience in the industrial sector, have studied a simple and intuitive 3D software that is able to connect and handle all the ITALMAC machines.

ITAL-CAM is a software that allows to reach multiple sectors thanks to its specific functions dedicated to different application fields. Applications such as STEP import, geometric profile import, 5 axis machining, cutting blades handling, writing through the use of specific Fonts and a lot more are included in the standard functions of this versatile and intuitive program. 

“Simplicity of usage” was the priority in the creating process of this software that, with only 3 steps and with the help of an advanced 3D environment, is able to handle both design and programming of the machine. An application which allows to control different kinds of machines from a single interface.

ITAL-CAM is the perfect example of connectivity, which is fundamental in this moment, thanks to its dedicated software driver for a remote connection with third party applications.