Machine Description

An extremely compact CNC, designed for small details, with a maximum cross-section of 100 x 75 mm and a working area of 350 mm, ADE enables 3-axis machining for industry.

An ascending blade axis cuts profiles, which are unloaded through a chute or roller conveyor. Equipped with a cabin, a front door and has a provision for the suction of swarf. Thanks to its loading roller conveyor and its program that manages production batches, ADE is an automatic machine that does not need to be manned. Its automation guarantees the continuity of the production process.

Often used in the lighting and blinds sector, ADE is a compact solution for industrialized companies.

Model ADE
Dimensions 1675 x 1675 x 2260 mm
Weight 1.500 Kg
Power of the electric spindle (S1) 4 Kw
Blade motor power 3,5 kW
Blade diameter 450 mm
Blade rotation 2800 rpm – 50/60 Hz
N. standard clamps 1 horizontal

Machine Details

More Information

  • Loading section of 100 x 75 mm, profiles machinable at all angles.
  • Equipped with a 4 Kw electrospindle that allows an unequalled working speed.
  • Studied to work profiles up to 6,7 mt.
  • The loading and unloading point is equipped with audio and visual signaling with automatic opening of the cabin.