Machine Description

Particularly suitable for light industry and suitable for machining steel, aluminum and alloys. Provided with a wide range of 8, 12 and 16 kW electrospindles, high performance clamps with automatic movement through the carriage or through the quick rearrangement of the loading surface. Available in 4, 7, 9, 11 and 13 meter versions also with double clamping and with supports for angular heads indicated for specific processes. Its basic tool change includes 15 positions, but on request it can be extended up to 30. The machinable section of 300 x 640 mm allows a wide range of operations to satisfy every need. Among its outstanding features, PEGASO includes: a 400 mm blade and a tool blade that can be combined with the 500 mm accessory blade assembly. PEGASO is perfect for facades, construction profiles, automotive industry, lighting engineering, railway sector and all light industries in general.

MODEL 4.0 7.0 9.0
Dimensions (mm) 6.800 X 3.100 X 2.500 9.800 x 3.100 x 2.500 11.800 X 3.100 X 2.500
Weight 3.200 kg 4.300 kg 5.400 kg
Power of the electric spindle

10 o 12 kW


N. references of zero 2 pneumatic 4 pneumatic
N. standard clamps 6 automatic 8 automatic 10 automatic
Tool storage

15 positions tool holder fixed on the carriage (expandable up to 30)

X axis 4.470 mm 7.470 mm 9.470 mm
Y axis

1.325 mm

Z axis

600 mm

A axis rotation

Da -120° a +120°

C axis rotation

Da -240° a +240°

Axis speed

X 100 m/min  Y 60 m/min  Z 30 m/min

Machine Details

More Information

  • Electrospindles of different power of 8, 12 and 16 Kw .
  • Machinable section of 300 x 640 mm, ideal for light industrial machining.
  • 500 mm saw blade in fixed 90 ° version and mobile for sectioning also vertically.
  • 400 mm tool blade ideal for facades, construction profiles, automotive, railway and lighting industries.