Machine Description

MINERVA is an industrial machine for the cutting and processing of aluminum, PVC and steel available in 3 different versions. The flagship of our production is the single-spindle version, which combines the qualities of the standard CNC with the advantages of machines with automatic loading and unloading. In addition to the management of an 8-position tool changer, present in the basic version MINERVA allows the same machining as the larger versions. Its robust and versatile clamping can automatically adapt to industrial and window profiles. Another distinctive feature is the version with 4 fixed spindles that offers a solution for the production of blades, industrial profiles, industrial assemblies and much more. In this particular version, the 4 spindles are positioned at 90 degrees to each other. The third option but no less efficient and complete is the one characterized by multiple axes with different degrees of machining, in this configuration it speeds up production and is particularly suitable for the window and door industry. The software specifically created for this category of machines by ITALMAC allows to create universal macros for profiles with automatic tool assignment, to manage functions, parameters and formulas, it also allows to create automatic work lists starting from the product and to import digital information from external software, all this to improve production.

Machine Details

More Information

  • Extremely versatile machine that can be customized according to the customer's needs.
  • Robust clamping that allows precision in the processing of industrial profiles and for the window and door frame