Machine Description

IRONCUT is a double-head vertical mitre saw machine with blades descending on vertical guides. The left head is fixed while the right one is mobile and moved by numerical control. IRONCUT is configured as the perfect entry into the world of professional processing of iron, ensuring a precise and effective cut thanks to a lubrication and cooling of the blades through two micropumps. Equipped with oleo-pneumatic clamps for the correct positioning of the piece, it is accompanied by an easy and intuitive software provided by Italmac that allows any type of working even to the less experienced. Designed to make even the most complex cuts easy, IRONCUT is the right choice for those who want to improve the quality of their work.

Dimensions 8450 x 1450 x 2050 mm
Weight 2.800 kg
Blade motor power 3 + 3 kW – 400 V
Motor RPM 50 – 150 rpm
Cutting angles 45° – 90° – 135° battute fisse
No. standard clamps 2 + 2 (automatic)
Diameter of circular blade 370 mm
Mobile profile support length SX 2500 mm
Right profile fixed support length 1000 mm
Max useful cutting length 4000 mm
Min useful cutting length 520 mm – (340mm) – (0mm)

More Information

  • Maximum useful cutting length of 4000 mm.
  • 4 pneumatic clamps, 2 for each cutting head
  • 370 mm blade suitable for steel tubes
  • Blade cleaning by integrated brushes