Machine Description

Automatic cutting line, equipped with: a loading table, a 500 or 600 mm blade axis and an automatic unloading table.

ARGO is an essential but highly productive cutting line for the industrial sector and for the window and door frame sector. Moreover, thanks to ITALMAC’s well-known experience, it stands out from other machines for its details and its peculiarities such as the optimization of the profile and its incredible adaptability to all types of processing. Complete with software for the management of bars and codes, ARGO allows to keep up with all the requirements of technological innovation and interconnection with different software, even competitors. Among its options, ARGO allows to manage the label printer and the screen for the identification of the pieces in production. It is also available a special version, suitable for complete profiles, for the precision sectioning up to 10mm and for the sectioning of steel profiles.

Machine Details

More Information

  •  Powerful motors that allow the maximum speed of automatic cutting.
  • Precise cutting guaranteed by a blade axis of 500 and 600 mm.
  • Interconnection with all software on the market.