Machine Description

POSEIDONE is a machine that belongs to the category of CNC with a machining on composite panels, but has the possibility to offer much more according to customer requirements: it offers a management of the working areas in different zones thanks to special valves and a basic pump of 500mq/h that can reach up to 1500mq/h.

It has a fixed tool changer with 8 positions and a carriage to which an additional tool changer can be added, also with 8 positions.

Thanks to its many versions, 1500×3000, 1650×4000, 1650×6000, 2000x 4000 and 2000×8000, PWI has found various applications in the industrial sector, for example plastic, aluminum and agglomerates in general.

Special versions can be supplied for milling and threading steel profiles and/or bars.

PWI offers a wide Z to hold i supports and to clamp particular profiles. In its version complete with clamps it allows to alternate composite and profiles, in order to optimize the machine for different applications in a single working environment.

This machine is usually chosen for its versatility and speed, with an interpolation up to 40m/min.

In this case, CADCAM ITALMAC fits this CNC version with all the tools for importing dxf and geometric figures, so as to make the PWI recognizable compared to other similar machines.

Machine Details

More Information

  • Many versions available for various applications.
  • Dedicated versions are created for drilling and threading steel into bars or profiles.
  • It houses specific vices for machining on panels and profiles.
  • A dedicated nesting program allows the import of parts to be made.
  • The power of the electrospindle allows a working speed of 40 meters/min.