Machine Description

Immediacy and solidity. These are the two characteristics that identify HERA. Ideal for cutting aluminium and PVC bars of various lengths and thicknesses at a variety of angles.

HERA is a double-head miter saw machine with pneumatic movement which allows cutting at angles from 90° to 45° outside with all intermediate degrees and is equipped with a 450 mm blade. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the pneumatic descent guards that protect the operator while ensuring maximum visibility of the cutting area. HERA is also equipped with a convenient touch screen display on the central control that allows you to manage all its functions quickly. An electronic gauge for the thickness of the profile, an intermediate support and an industrial label printer for marking the profiles are available as an option.

MODEL 4.0 5.0
Weight 900 kg 1050 kg
Blade motor power 2,2 kW
Blade diameter 450 mm
Blade rotation 2800 rpm – 50/60 Hz
Minimum cutting length 260 mm
Maximum cutting length 4010 mm 5010 mm
N. standard clamps 2 +2


Machine Details

More Information

  • Practical, immediate and ergonomic.
  • In 4 and 5 meter versions to suit production requirements.
  • Quick and intuitive control thanks to the touch monitor.
  • Multiple accessories available for complete customisation.