Machine Description

ATENA perfectly sums up all the capacities that a machining centre for the window and door industry should have.

This machine is equipped with a rotary table and 4 strong clamps for handling steel, aluminium and PVC profiles. Created to satisfy all the needs of the window and door industry, it has two types of clamps. The maximum workable dimensions for steel and PVC processing are 180 x 150 mm. It also has a motorized or pneumatic operating beam with a rotation range from +90° to -90°. The central 5-position tool changer contains both circular saw blades and tools. This machine is suitable for all production needs thanks to its complete tool assembly.

A lenght of only 4 meters and an ergonomic cabin that allows an easy loading/unloading of the profiles are just some of the features that make ATENA into a perfect tool for the window manufacturer who wants to make his job easier and more productive.

Dimensions 5300 x 1450 x 2000 mm
Weight 1.600 Kg
Power of the electric spindle 4 Kw
N. references of zero 1
N. standard clamps 4
Tool storage 5 position tool holder
X axis 4.253 mm
Y axis 340 mm
Z axis 255 mm
Axis speed X 60 m/min  Y 40 m/min  Z 15 m/min

Machine Details

More Information

  • Load section of 130 x 130 mm.
  • Equipped with a 4 Kw electrospindle with automatic quick change.
  • Designed to work profiles up to 6 meters.
  • Easy and intuitive software interface.