Machine Description

Versatile and complete 3-axis CNC. It has a large 8-position magazine, with the possibility of being equipped with 2 additional positions for containing even large cutters.

ARES is full optional, equipped with cabin, tool changer, automatic pliers and standard tools. The ergonomic control panel requires little space, like the entire machine which in just 6 m² allows you to carry out even complex processes. ARES, thanks to its special flange, allows the insertion of adjustable angular heads for lateral processing and, again on request, it can also be modified for the frontal processing of profiles.

These peculiarities make ARES a versatile machine and a safe choice for those who need a highly productive but at the same time easy to use center.

Model ARES
Dimensions (mm) 4600 x 1675 x 2260 
Weight 1.800 Kg
Power of the electric spindle 4 kW
N. references of zero 2 (manual)
N. standard clamps 4
Tool storage 8 positions tool holder
X axis 3.450 mm
Y axis 600 mm
Z axis 265 mm
Axis speed X 60 m/min  Y 60 m/min  Z 15 m/min

Machine Details

More Information

  • In just 6 m2, it produces complex profiles and processes.
  • Side and front processing of profiles. Optional 2-station extra magazine for large cutters.
  • Easy-to-use software to speed up processing.
  • Cabin, tool change, automatic clamps and standard tools already included.